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Hidano Sato
Hidano Sato
The village of gassho-zukuri and experience "Hidano Sato" is the good-old place where visitors can experience various activities at sceneries of Japanese village with folk houses.
Starting with Sarubobo, folk handicraft and kaleidoscope making can be experienced at 1,400 yen for such a best price.
Since a bus is available from Takayama station,
Address 1-590, Kamiokamoto-machi, Takayama, Gifu, 506-0055
Directions 10 min from Takayama Station by Sarubobo bus
Telephone 0577-34-4711
Website http://www.hidanosato-tpo.jp/english12.htm
Hours of operation 8:30am-5:00pm (open all year round)
Fees Admission fee: Adult 700 yen Child (Elementary and junior high school student)

Reserve a bus for this area throughout Japan
Reserve a bus for this area throughout Japan