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WILLER website is now available in English, 繁體中文, 简体中文, 한글, Tiếng Việt, ภาษาไทย and 日本語.

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Bus > NL-PRIME Yokosuka Commemorative Mission & Gift Campaign

Willer travel × Yokosuka City Collaboration Project
NL-PRIME Yokosuka Commemorative Mission & Gift Campaign

June 27, 2016
Yokosuka City Tourism Association
Yokosuka Visitor Attraction Committee
The Ingress bus, NL-PRIME, is commemorating the Yokosuka routes, and will for a limited time be in areas from Verny Park to Mikasa Park, creating the “WILLER × YKSK Mission.” The design of the in-game medals will be inspired from Yokosuka’s sukajan track jackets, and will feature the Dragon & Tiger (Ryuko), which is a design very representative of Yokosuka.

Furthermore, out of the people coming to Yokosuka via the NL-PRIME, 4 guests will be chosen, and will receive the NL-PRIME Original Sukajan! This track jacket is not available for purchase, and this will be the only way to get your hands on one, which we will make and deliver in your size.

Commemorative Mission “WILLER x YKSK”

Perioid: July - October 31, 2016
Route:Verny Park → Dobuita Street → Mikasa Park
No. of Missions:12
Design: see the follow image.

NL-PRIME Original Sukajan Gift Campaign

Period:July 17 - October 31, 2016
Conditions:During the active period, users on the Tokyo to Yokosuka routes, or Yokosuka to Yokohama routes, will have no need to apply. Participants selected will be contacted by Willer Travel. Please indicate your preferred mailing address and size for the sukajan. Shipment is planned for the end of November.
NL-PRIME Original Sukajan (front)
NL-PRIME Original Sukajan (back)
Sukajan image (design is not final and may be subject to change)
  • Yokosuka Economic Department, Tourism Planning Division
    TEL 046-822-8124