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What's new
EXO5 in Taipei / NL-PRIME in Taichung NL-PRIME will finally come to Taiwan! You can try the short ride on NL-PRIME on or after EXO5.
NL-PRIME Nagaokakyo plan operation memorial mission and present campaign! Commemorating "NL-PRIME", the Ingress Bus, Nagaokakyo plan operation, the mission has been set! Of course, the medal design is WILLER original one! Clear the mission in Nagaokakyo and get the original medal! Agents also can get NL-PRIME items made from bamboo, the local product of Nagaokakyo.
NL-PRIME guided by Agent Porject Vol.1 This is the project that an Ingress agent become a tour guide on NL-PRIME for only 1 day!
Paper craft of NL-PRIME is now released! The paper craft of NL-PRIME made by Agent k0ichi is opened.
NL-PRIME Wrapping Design Data is now released! NL-PRIME Wrapping Design Data is now released for Agents who like Design and Manufacturing. Please share your production!
AEGIS NOVA Photo Gallery Photos of AEGIS NOVA were uploaded. They show that WILLER Staff wearing Ingress costume were enjoying with Agents.
Yokosuka Commemorative Mission The Ingress bus, NL-PRIME, is commemorating the Yokosuka routes, and will for a limited time be in areas from Verny Park to Mikasa Park, creating the “WILLER × YKSK Mission.
WILLER×Ingress Presidents Interview Special interview with WILLER GROUP President Murase and INGRESS Niantic President Murai!
INGRESS ITEMS Willer×Ingress collaboration items can be purchased on the web page of booking NL-PRIME bus tours.
Features of this bus plan
You can get the supporter kit including "NL-PRIME" limited medal.

You can get the supporter kit including "NL-PRIME" limited medal.


*1 supporter kit per 1 passenger. Even 1 passenger books more than 1 seat and ride alone, he/she gets only 1 kit.

Ingress agents can enjoy special contents on the bus.

Ingress agents can enjoy special contents on the bus.

Enjoy special movie and game for Ingress agents during the ride.
Supporter kitINGRESS
Supporter kit The pass code to get a limited medal is on the back of NL-PRIME MEDAL CARD.
CHROME DECAL is a limited sticker.
These 2 items are in NL-PRIME ENVELOPE.
Both of them are limited items that only passengers on NL-PRIME can get.
Get inside of "NL-PRIME" INGRESS
Ordinary, bus is thought to be one of transportation means to get to the destination. However, this Ingress bus "NL-PRIME" is totally different from any typical buses you know. Once stepping into the bus, you feel as if in a spaceship in a movie. Above all, Ingress fans can watch the special movie and play the game on a personal monitor equipped in each seat.
Immerse yourself in the world of Ingress!
  • inside of "NL-PRIME"
  • inside of "NL-PRIME"
  • inside of "NL-PRIME"
  • inside of "NL-PRIME"
360 View
Get 360 degree inside views of the bus with "Google map indoor view"
ATTENTION: Major A. Tsukasa

Based on the data sourced from NL­1331, we divided our research into four phases. The final phase of our research, testing high level XM response, is now complete. As expected, reactions to the hyper XM­saturated environment inside NL­PRIME varied from none to extreme. Three high level Sensitives were identified from a candidate group of twelve.

Fig 1. Non Sensitive vs. High Level Sensitive EEG Response
Candidates 3, 8 and 9 (the high level Sensitives we identified), showed promise far beyond what we had initially hypothesized. This transcript from an interview exemplifies what we observed:

RESEARCHER:     Did you...
CANDIDATE 8:     Did I sense the shadows of XM? Of course. There's a Portal here, too. Well, there was, 1300 years ago. A garden. Peaceful. Then, a fire. Two died. I can sense them, too.
RESEARCHER:     And....
CANDIDATE 8:     Don't bother asking your questions. Yes, I can access memories with 100% accuracy. Yes some of those memories are not my own. Yes, I am currently visualizing multiple timelines simultaneously in great detail. Yes all my other senses are hyper­aware...
RESEARCHER:     ... those are not the questions on my list, sir.
CANDIDATE 8:     That is the data your questions are designed to acquire. Pass my answers on to your supervisors and they will be satisfied. May I go?

Candidate 9 in enhanced state
Fig 2. fMRI of Candidate 9 while in enhanced state
As you had predicted, Major Tsukasa, the high XM dose enabled these Sensitives to do things we previously did not consider possible. During her interview, Candidate 3 noted that one of our researchers was not feeling well and should be sent home. This researcher was in a building 2 km away at the time and had never met Candidate 3 or been in her presence. The enhanced state lasted nearly 11 days.

At this stage we recommend field testing begin. Willer Travel's designs for the NL­PRIME project are nearing completion. NL­PRIME should be deployed so that high­level sensitives from the broader population can be identified for recruitment.

Willer Travel’s XM testing design for the NL­PRIME project
Fig 3. Willer Travel’s XM testing design for the NL­PRIME project
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