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WILLER website is now available in English, 繁體中文, 简体中文, 한글, Tiếng Việt, ภาษาไทย and 日本語.

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WILLER×Ingress Presidents Interview
Representative president of WILLER Group Shigetaka Murase Representative president of Niantic Setsuto Murai

Internet makes people move and creates new user experience.
Surprising common mission between game and transportation!

Shigetaka Murase
  Originally, how did "Ingress", the game for smartphone start?
Setsuto Murai
  The company called "Niantic" developing Ingress was established by John Hanke who produced the basis of Google earth. As Google map evolved into Google earth, the possibility of internet should not be used for only a map, we thought. For example, a game times a new coming device equals the opportunity to go outside and get healthy.
MuraseCoincidentally, it's totally the same as our company's vision! People can get impressed or get energy. It must be the time when they go outside and encounter someone, or eat something delicious, see scenery which makes feel refresh. So, our group mission is to create value innovation in moving. While using IT, how people can get deep impressed.
MuraiGo outside, feel happy, increase dopamine and feel well. Thus far, it was sport's role but Niantic and also Willer are the ones to add a fresh dimension and create a new system.
Murase Although route bus is "Transport infrastructure", we have been thinking that infrastructures also should give passengers more cuddles for this 10 years. And for this 10 years, passengers of highway bus have increased from 85 million to 115 million. This means we created new value by producing what passengers would like to ride. That's the innovation, I think. And then, next our 10 years, we would like to make people impressed by moving. We are not just a transport company so create contents which can surely make emotion. We've been enjoying such thing.
MuraiWe also always say "Ingress is not a game". As the embodied example, tourism departments of each city and town utilize Ingress as a tool to increase recognition. Ingress can set "Mission". Temples and shrines, official buildings become "Portal". Travel around such portals and get a medal.
MuraseI see.
MuraiIngress can create a content to gather people and make them enjoy and become the platform. At that time, what we couldn’t succeed is to make people enjoy during moving.
WILLER×Ingress Presidents Interview

How we can serve the place where people can share their value

MuraiHave you ever heard MMORPG?
MuraseUmm, no….
MuraiThat's Massive online RPG large number of people join at the same time. Everyone can watch the game screen you are now watching on their own screen.
MurasePeople can gather at a game.
MuraiIngress's attraction is actually such a thing. Of course, playing alone is also fun. However, it is also the best match to get together with a lot of people and do the same thing. Therefore, Ingress enables to go to some destination with Ingress friends or even beginners to play together.
MuraseJapanese are shy, aren't they?
Murai Very very shy. (lol)
MuraseThey are not good at talking to strangers, however, once get one same purpose, become talkative. That is the Japanese, I think.
Murai Yes, true.
MuraseGo out, enjoy alone and go back home. That's also satisfying. But, if we can get 5, 10 friends who have the same purpose at the place we go, the excitement at the time of going back is totally different. When we go out, create a community with friends who have same value. However, in fact, we do not remember scenery much, but what we do really remember is that he or she we were with was interesting. I believe that is very important.
MuraiHow we can serve the place where people can share their value, right?
MuraseYeah, yeah, yeah.
MuraiMeeting people let us share value. Of course traveling alone is also fun but sharing makes memories overlap so that we can get multiple memories. Also we can connect to people. That may make a trip richer.

Let the car only one in the world run together!

MuraseWell, let's start to talk about the collaboration bus "NL-1331". What is this really ?
MuraiThat's the special car to investigate energy. It runs in America and Europe but this time, it was renamed as NL-PRIME and going to run in Japan.
MuraseThis Japanese bus is the 3rd one. Only 3 buses in the world!
MuraiTrue. As a series, that is the 3rd one but NL-PRIME is the only one in the world, and only in Japan. When users meet NL-PRIME, they can get a special rare card and a medal will be in their screens. Like that, we create a system that people can gather and promote opportunities to meet new people. That is the NL-PRIME role.
MuraseI really hope a lot of people gather by NL-PRIME.
MuraiSoon, we are going to hold an event that more than 10 thousands people join in Tokyo.
MuraseThat's the event in Odaiba on July 16, right? Willer also operate access buses from Osaka, Sendai and so on.
MuraiYes. From now on, we would like to have such a partnership to make people enjoy during even moving like that.
Murase Fantastic! We, actually, can cooperate other transportation business we don't manage such as ship. When "Tabihaku" was held in Odaiba, we handled cruise ticket with bus. This time also cruise may match. For example, a plan to go to odaiba through a canal. Ok well, we now know Ingress's partner should be WILLER TRAVEL. (lol) Let's make a communication for moving and people together again!
MuraiSure. Definitely!

Interview&article/ Tadashi Miki
Photos/ Yohei Inoue