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Fukusuke (Ise Udon)
Fukusuke (Ise Udon)
Fukusuke (Ise Udon)
Ise udon is known for its thick noodles and a dark dipping sauce that appears quite rich and salty at first glance.
However, you'll be surprised to find that, upon dipping your noodles, the sauce is quite mild and easy on the palate -- and the noodles have a unique texture.

If udon is what you seek in Okage Yokocho, try Fukusuke, a dedicated purveyor of the stuff. Fukusuke's homemade dipping sauce is made with flavorful natural soy sauce and soup stock containing bonito flakes and kelp from Rishiri Island. People tend to get hooked on Fukusuke's udon, especially for the richness of the dipping sauce, so the shop is bustling with visitors every day.
Address (Within Okage Yokocho) 52 Uji Nakanokiri-cho, Ise-shi, Mie-ken, 516-8558
Directions Public Transportation
From Kintetsu Ujiyamada Station, take the Sankou bus bound for Naiku-mae (the inner shrine) for approximately 20 minutes and get off at the Jingu Kaikan-mae bus stop. It should be about a 2 minute walk from there.

By car
Exit the Ise Motorway at the terminal Ise Interchange and head toward Naiku (“the inner shrine”) on National Route 23, arriving at the municipal Urata parking lot. Walk approximately 400m toward Naiku.
Hours of operation 10AM - 5:30 PM (orders stop at 5PM; varies by season)
Telephone 0596-23-8807
Website Official site
Closed Open all year round
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