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Sarutahiko Shrine
Sarutahiko Shrine
Sarutahiko Shrine is a widely known spiritual "power spot". This shrine deifies The Sarutahiko Okami (Great God), who is believed to lead worshippers on the right path and open the road before them. It is within walking distance from Ise Shrine's Naiku, so it is a popular destination for those coming back from the main shrine.

One of the unique features of the shrine are the numerous spiritual points of interest. An octangular stone pillar "Kodenchi" can be found in front of the hall of worship. Ledgend has it that placing one's hands on it is believed to bestow various blessings, and everyday the pillar is thronged with people. Another attraction worth mentioning would be the "Takaraishi", a boulder which resembles the shape of a treasure boat with a snake riding atop it, and not to forget the "Sazare-ishi", a stone formation believed to have grown out of a small pebble as the years go by.
Address 2-1-10 Uji-Urata, Ise-shi, Mie-ken, 516-0026
Directions Public Transportation
From JR and Kintetsu Iseshi Station, take the Geku-Naiku Junkan bus (the bus looping around the inner and outer shrines) and disembark at Sarutahiko Jinja-mae. Immediately near the station.

By car
Approcimately 5 minute drive from the Ise Nishi Interchange.
Hours of operation Open all year round
Telephone 0596-22-2554
Website Official site
Closed Open all year round
Fees Free
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