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Highway bus to the ski resort in Japan
Direct Highway bus to the

Ski resort in Japan

Departure periods: December 1, 2016 - March 25, 2017

Amazing Snow in Japan! Go Skiing by Bus!

Feature on direct highway buses to popular ski resorts in Hakuba(Nagano), Takayama(Gifu), Hokkaido. Easy travel since equipment such as a ski board or snowboard and clothes can be load in the bus! Just bring yourself and rent all clothes you need at the resort (extra charge). Travel at the best price.


Ski resorts direct highway bus

Specified Ski Resort

Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort, Hakuba Happo One Ski Resort, Hakuba Iwatake Ski Resort, Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort, HAKUBA47 Ski Resort


Tugaike Kogen Ski Resort is one of the largest resort in Northern Alps Hakuba area.
80% of the area is for beginner to intermediate so that here is very popular for beginners and families.
Over 1,200m of broad and gentle Kane-no-naru-oka slope enables anyone even beginners and families can enjoy skiing and snowboarding without any worries.
Fantastic cocktail ray attracts night skiing player.


Here is the authentic international ski resort surrounded by 3000m high mountains.
Nagano Olympic was held in 1998 You shouldn't miss the supreme powder snow recognized worldly.
After skiing and snowboarding, bath Hakuba Happo Onsen at the resort and feel relax.

Goryu Hakuba47

"Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort" and "Hakuba 47", located where Northern Alps are close at hand, are the largest ski resorts in Hakuba.
[Hakuba Goryu]
Due to 3 unique ski slopes and exclusive courses such as Racing course, Mogul course, Snow park, Kids ski slope, various different types of players can enjoy. Surely, here is one of the most popular ski resort where players can be satisfied with powder snow and Northern Alps at the same time. There is plenty of snowfall relatively even when other resorts are luck of snow.

[Hakuba 47]
Snow park, R4, Powder tree zone Of course, plenty of facilities for kids such as kids slope with snow escalator and broad kids room, are available! The panorama view from the summit of Northern Alps is also scenic! In addition, even beginners can go up to the summit of slope since the gentle slope is ready for them.


Here is the ski resort where the scenic view of Northern Alps Hakuba and 360º dynamic panorama can be seen, Courses spreads to north, south, east and west from the summit. 25 of courses utilizing enable to choose flexible courses.
There are 6 powder courses for powder snow treerun. Because the kids slope is provided at the summit, families except advanced also can enjoy.

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Ski resorts direct highway bus

Specified Ski Resort

Rusutsu/Niseko, Kiroro Resort, Jozenkei/Sapporo Kokusai/Asarigawa, Sapporo Teine, Furano, Tomamu


One of the largest ski resort in Hokkaido. The largest ski resort in Hokkaido with trails totaling 42km in length.

The view of Mt. Yote and Lake Toya from the summit is so impressive


Niseko Mountain Resort Grand Hirafu is famous for powder snow that even the world-class professional players praise.
Slopes attracts all of players from beginner to advanced due to its various courses that players cannot finish in a day. According to the local rule. The whole of mountain is liberated.
Players can enjoy the side country except restricted area, It only takes 30min to the summit by walk so that lots of players queue up to enjoy the dynamic panorama view of beautiful Mt. Yote and the best quality of powder snow.


Here is the authentic resort located 60min away from Sapporo by car.
21 of various courses in 3 areas Snow fall-in rich and powder snow are famous.

Sapporo Kokusai

Here is the popular ski resort due to the quality of snow and the convenient location, 60min away from Sapporo city.
80% of slopes are so gentle that lots of beginners and families visit.
Downhill course is also available for advanced. It is secretly popular as a powder snow spot.


Plenty of courses are provided so that all of players from beginner to advanced never get bored.
Located in the low-temperature area, the best quality of powder snow can be enjoyed.

Asarigawa Onsen

Although Asarigawa Onsen, located on the way to Otaru from Sapporo, is compact resort, different types of players can play.
In addition, each course has various slopes utilizing terrain.
After skiing, bath Onsen around the resort and feel relax.


Here is the winter resort that owns hotels and the ice village in the vast ground of Mt. Tomamu.
Ski slopes consist of various courses so that from beginners to advanced players can enjoy. The whole of Mt. Tomamu including outsides of courses are available for skiing.
In addition, because lots of Cat ski tour and Backcountry ski tour are provided, players can enjoy natural snow mountain safely.
The quality of snow is guaranteed due to its low-temperature location.

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Ski resorts direct highway bus

Specified Ski Resort

Ciao Ontake Snow Resort

Ciao Ontake Snow Resort

Ciao Ontake Snow Resort is located at northern side of Mt. Kiso Ontake.
Here is located at the high attitude of northern side of the mountain so that the quality of powder snow is guaranteed.
The best ski resort for Beginners and intermediate players to practice.

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