your name. Cafe Bus

Tokyo Round-Trip Route

your name. Cafe Bus takes you to 9 spots related to the movie of your name. The guide will introduce each spot during the ride (Japanese only).
*The images for illustrative purposes. You may not be able to see the view like the images. We very much appreciate your kind understanding.

1Tokyo Station Kajibashi Parking Map

Although Kajibashi Parking is not adjacent to Tokyo Station Yaesu South Gate, it is located just 6 min. walk away.

2Picture Gallery

Here is appeared in the scene that Taki, Tsukasa and Takagi commute to school. Rows of gingko trees are also beautiful. 

*The bus departing at 9:00am, 11:30am, 3:00pm on Sunday and holidays will not go through this spot due to the road closures.

3Pedestrian bridge at Shinanomachi Station

This pedestrian bridge is appeared in the important scenes that Taki tries to call Mitsuha and Mitsuha who came to Tokyo tries to call Taki.

4Junction at Shinanomachi Station

The junction is appeared in the scene as the scenery when Taki tries to call Mitsuha.

5Yotsuya 4-chome Junction

This junction is appeared before the impressive scene in the end of the story. 

6Shinjuku Yunika Vision

Yunika Vision from dusk to night is appeared in the scene to express a comparison between Hida and Tokyo.

7New-city pedestrian bridge junction

Here is appeared as a background when Taki who lives in Tokyo appears during the opening.

8Junction behind the Shinjuku Police Station

Shinjuku Police Station is appeared to express the morning of Tokyo in the scene to describe the comparison between Hida and Tokyo.

9Shinjuku Station South Gate

Here is appeared in the scene that Mitsuha who switched bodies with Taki is happy to see Tokyo that She's always dreamed of going to.

10Yotsuya StationMap

The station is appeared as the spot to meet Okudera-senpai for dating. Suga shrine is also closed to this station. 

*Although getting off at Yotsuya Station is permitted, passengers cannot get on the bus again.

DestinationKajibashi ParkingMap

We are finally back to the departure place Kajibashi Parking!

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