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The meaning of EN is "Connection and Relationship" in Japanese. They believe any connections and relationships are related to EN.
WILLER EN tour connects you and a spot, people, and experience.

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Tokyo Area

Tokyo Area
Tokyo is the capital of Japan and world's most populous metropolis. Unlimited choices of shopping, entertainment, culture and dining are here. Famous spots such as Shinjuku, Akihabara, Asakusa, Ginza, Odaiba are located in Tokyo so that you must visit Tokyo once when you travel around Japan.

Although it is famous for its urban view, there are also beautiful nature, historic temples and gardens. If you would like to see nature and historical buildings, Mt. Takao is the best choice. Of course, you can decide how to go up to the top. Which one would you like, hiking, riding a lift chair or cable car?

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  • Nature


Mt. Fuji Area

Mt. Fuji Area
Mt. Fuji area is located immediately west of Tokyo. The northern half of Mt. Fuji and the Kawaguchiko area are located in Yamanashi Prefecture. Every year, many of visitors go to admire beautiful Mt. Fuji from all over the world.

Kawaguchiko area is one of the best spot to see Mount Fuji from a close distance. Also, it is the most easily accessible of the Fujigoko with direct bus connections to Tokyo.

Gotemba is the famous spot for shopping. The Gotemba Premium Outletss are Japan's most popular outlet mall, located in Gotemba City at the base of Mount Fuji, not far from Hakone.

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