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WILLER website is now available in English, 繁體中文, 简体中文, 한글, Tiếng Việt, ภาษาไทย and 日本語.

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Bus > Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour 2017

No.1 Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour for foreigners! More than 3,500 climbers chose WILLER's tour.

mt.fuji climbing  tour 2017
Mt.Fuji climbing tour 2017

from Tokyo, 2-day bus tour, from 25,800yen

(Express bus for round-trip, 3 meals included, stay in a mountain hut, English speaking tour conductor accompanied)

Departure dates: July 1, 2017 - September 10, 2017

This plan is no more on sale.

This information is about the tour for 2017.
Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour 2018 is going to be released on March 20.
Tour details will be announced on this page as soon as it is set.
Furthermore, the tour fee may vary next year.

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Mt. FujiBus

The features of this tour

  • Even a beginner can see the rising sun from the summit.
  • An English-speaking tour conductor, as well as a mountain guide, will accompany you.
  • A one-night stay at a mountain hut and two meals are included.
    * Vegetarian menu available!
  • Comes with traveler’s insurance.

Additional options available

  • Additional options Hot spring baths after the climb
    + 800 yen
  • Mountaineering gear rental plan
    + 9,000 yen
    * No need to bring heavy equipment!

Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour 2017

Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour 2017

Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour 2017

Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour 2017

Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour 2017

Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour 2017

Mt. Fuji


Mt. Fuji
Day Schedule Meals
Day 1 Shinjuku (7:30 am Dept.) → bus→ Metropolitan Expressway, Chuo Expressway →bus→ PA restroom break (30min) → bus→ Chuo Expressway, Mt. Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station → bus→ Unjokaku (10:30 am Arr.) (Climbing prep) → 6 hour climb →walk→ Mountain hut at the original 8th station (Supper + Stay) Dinner: Tomoe-kan
Day 2 Mountain hut at the original 8th station →walk90 min climb → Mt. Fuji summit →walkOne hour descent → Mountain hut at the original 8th station(breakfast time) →walk3 hour descent → Mt. Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station (break) (12:00 pm Dept.) →bus→ Mt. Fuji Subaru Line →bus→ Benifuji no Yu (12:45 pm Arr.) (Lunch time or break and hot spring baths) (2:30 pm Dept.) →bus→ Gotemba Station (3:00 pm Arr.) (Getting-off point 1) →bus → Tomei Expressway →bus→ PA restroom break (30min) →bus→ Metropolitan Expressway →bus→ Shinjuku (6:00 pm Arr.) (Getting-off point 2) Breakfast: Tomoe-kan’s specially-made bento box
Lunch: Benifuji no Yu (Expense of Lunch is not included)
Mt. Fuji

Tour point

  • Even a beginner can see the rising sun from the summit
    Mt. Fuji

    Even a beginner can see the rising sun from the summit.

    Willer Travel tours have prepared a mountain hut at the original eighth station.
    Unlike other mountain huts at the seventh and eighth stations, it is situated closer to the mountaintop, therefore climbers are accustomed to the elevation during the day, which reduces the risk of altitude sickness and minimizes the perils of the dangerous climb at night.
    In addition, due to its ideal location at the split between the road going up and the road going down the mountain, climbers can leave their belongings at the hut and head to the top without being encumbered. This makes even beginners see the rising sun easily at the summit on this tour.

    Mt. Fuji
  • English-speaking tour

    An English-speaking tour conductor, as well as a mountain guide, will accompany you.

    With an English-speaking tour conductor and a certified professional mountain guide, the tour will proceed at a slow pace and take moderate breaks. The goal is to get to the top without overdoing it therefore even people who are not confident about their stamina can climb safely.

  • Collateral traveler's insurance

    Collateral traveler’s insurance.

    The tour comes with collateral traveler’s insurance for visitors to Japan, in the event of an accident or physical health issue during the climb.
    Also medical interpretation is available in English, Chinese and Korean, so that your health symptoms can be conveyed in your native language and have them translated for the doctor.

  • Collateral traveler's insurance

    WILLER limited! Useful climbing items present

    500 ml water bottle will be given while climbing so that climbers do not have to bring too much water. Furthermore, only WILLER tour participants can receive various useful items such as wet tissues and carabiner water bottle holder.

    More details
Mt. Fuji

Tour’s Guide

  • Mt. Fuji World heritage

    About climbing Mt. Fuji

    This is information about climbing Mt. Fuji, Japan’s highest peak.

  • Setup & rental gear

    Setup & rental gear (optional)

    This is an introduction to the pre-climb preparations and optional rental gear.

    Size chart
  • Hot spring bath

    Hot spring bath (optional)

    The bus will stop by a hot spring establishment on the way down the mountain for a revitalizing dip. People not taking baths can also take a lunch and rest in the building.

    * Those with tattoo may not be able to purchase the hot spring option.

  • Getting-off points

    About getting-off points

    Get off at one of 2 points: Shinjuku and Gotemba Station.

    * These are not rest stops, but for getting off the tour.

Mt. Fuji

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a compilation of frequently asked questions about the Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour. Please check if your question has been addressed.

Climbing gear is quite expensive. Would it be OK to substitute it for cheaper rainwear and/or shoes?
During the Mt. Fuji climbing tour, the temperatures ranges from the hotness of midsummer to the coldness of midwinter; and you will experience unstable weather conditions such as sudden rain and strong winds, even if the weather appears clear at the beginning. To prepare items that have been especially made for mountain climbing, made of materials such as Gore-Tex is recommendable due to their functionality and durability. There are suitable items at general stores, however, if it is difficult to decide what to buy, a specialized shop may offer ones.
Also, a professional gear rental plan is available at Willer Travel’s Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour (An advanced booking has to be made.)
Will the same bus be used for both ways? Can we leave our luggage in the bus?
The vehicle or bus company may not be the same for both trips. Any luggage cannot be left inside the bus. Please use the coin lockers at Fujikyu Unjokaku for any unnecessary luggage.
Can one person only sign up for the trip, or does it have to be a group?
You are more than welcome to join the tour by yourself, there are many participants doing so.
Mt. Fuji

Customer Reviews

Mt. Fuji

Tour Outline

  • Outline
  • More details
Sales Period April 5, 2017 - September 7, 2017
Departure dates July 1, 2017 - September 10, 2017
Transportation Bus
Assembly point Shinjuku West Exit Shinjuku Center Building
* It takes about 15 min. from West Exit of JR Shinjuku sta.
* This bus will not be a pink WILLER EXPRESS bus.
* Do not try to find Bus Terminal or Bus Stop. Please find our staff wearing a pink vest.
Pink vest
Minimum participants required 1 person
Tour conductor language English only
Items included in fee
Day 1
Stay at mountain hut of the original 8th station.
Supper of hamburger curry at the mountain hut.
Vegetarian menu available.
Day 2
Japanese-style breakfast.* Vegetarian menu available
Express bus for round-trip.
[WILLER limited] Useful items for safe climbing (Water, Medical Face Mask, Carabiner Water Bottle, Energy food, Climbers badge & Koinobori flag, Earplugs, Wet tissues, Cotton Work Gloves, etc...) * items may vary.
Free rental of helmet.
Traveler’s insurance.
English speaking tour conductor and mountain guide.
A vegetarian menu is offered. If necessary, request the tour conductor at the meeting place on the day of this tour.
There is no vegetarian menu certified as Halal. If needed, prepare in advance or purchase at the 5th station.
Items not included
  • Expense of lunch at 5th station on Day1.
  • Expense of lunch at Benifuji no Yu on Day2.
  • Bathing fee (purchasable as an option) on Day 2.
  • Climbing Gear (Optional rentals available)
Product information Agent organized 2 day tour Planning & Operating Company: WILLER, Inc.
Umeda Sky Building, 6th Floor
1-1-88-600 Oyodonaka, Kita-ku,
Osaka city, Osaka, Japan 531-6006
Japan Tourism Agency Registered Travel Agent No. 1899
Display Trip Terms and Conditions
Reservation deadline Before 3:00 pm 3 days prior departure
* This deadline also applies when changing the reservation online.
Terms and Conditions
  1. Be sure to come to the designated meeting places punctually upon returning from each activity spot and the toilet breaks. The bus will depart as scheduled regardless attendance. There will be no refunds nor can we offer assistance for alternative methods of transportation in exchange for buses missed due to failure to return on time.
  2. Refunds for any possible cancellations will be calculated based on Japanese yen. Customers may not receive the amount paid in full depending on the timing of rates.
  3. Tours will run regardless the visibility of Mt.Fuji. Mt.Fuji may not be visible due to weather conditions. This will not qualify as a reason for refunds.
  4. All times posted are rough estimates.
    Times will vary due to weather and traffic conditions, the stamina of tour participants, and other reasons. Please be understanding. In particular, bus arrival may be delayed due to traffic, so allow for some leeway in your schedule after arrival.
  5. Specific seats cannot be requested.
  6. Children 3yrs. and up will be charged full adult admission. Infants under 3 years do not require a seat are free of charge.
  7. There will be a toilet break during both the ride to and for the ride back.
  8. It is possible to leave the group at places other than the getting-off points, but after informing the tour conductor, sign a form verifying that you are leaving the ground.
  9. The Mt. Fuji Climbing Tour bus is the only space for customers to stow their rucksacks and other carry-on luggage.
    In the event that customers leave the group midway, suitcases and other luggage on the bus can not be kept. It is necessary to send luggage to hotels or other lodging beforehand.
  10. For changing plans with optional gear to plans without it and vice versa, it is necessary to first cancel the request and apply again.
    Be advised that at that time, if the cancellation occurs in 21 days before departure, a cancellation fee will be assessed.
  11. Participants are not allowed to board/get off the bus at other places which is not registered as boarding/arrival place for the tour.
Summary of Travel Insurance
  1. Details of Compensation
    • Covers costs of a traveler’s medical treatment for injuries and illnesses sustained in Japan, as well as the costs for returning them to their home countries
  2. Principal collateral services
    • Introduction to medical institutions arranging services
    • Cashless services for medical fees (guarantee of payment)
    • Phone interpretation services
      Medical interpretation: Available in English, Chinese, and Korean. General interpretation: Available in 43 languages, including English, Chinese, and Korean
    • Transport services for injured and sick travelers, as well as transport for remains
  3. Insurance amount
    • 10 million yen
  4. Insurance duration
    • While participating in the tour

Tour Booking

Learn more about the gear rental plan.