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2nd Floor Seating Area

Table For 2
Table For 2
Table For 3
Table For 3
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Table For 4
Electrical outlets available
Electrical outlets available


The chef, traveling farms all over Japan, brings out the best in the regional food culture while going around the earth with farmers and chefs in each regions.

Supervisor: Yasuhiro Higa

Supervisor: Yasuhiro Higa


After gaining experience in the chef at CHAYA macrobiotics, the natural french restaurant and serving as a grand chef at The Eprerimental Agri-Dining Restaurant "Roppongi Nouen" since 2010, he started to produce unique cuisines with farm producers from all around Japan.
Establishing "Pop-Up Kitchen" in 2016, he plays an active role in a cooking expert and regional food producer based on the concept, travel destination is my restaurant.

Important Notice on Restaurant Bus

  • A table may be shared with other passengers. For groups of 4 or more, some members of the group may be seated apart from each other.
  • The rear two tables are not open-air.
  • There is no toilet on-board.
  • Customers are not permitted to carry on large luggage (learn more)
  • Please be aware that any requests for specific seats cannot be accepted.
  • Take-out of meals is not allowed.
  • Customers are requested to be seated and fasten their seatbelts while the bus is in motion.
  • The staff will open/close the roof while the bus is stopped. Please refrain from opening or closing the roof yourself.
  • With respect to the tables and on-board equipment, please pay attention to the explanation by the staff after boarding or be sure to check the written explanation provided on-board.
  • Operation of the tour may be suddenly cancelled for reasons such as vehicle breakdown, etc. We will contact you promptly in advance in the event cancellation of the tour is confirmed.
  • There is a risk that the refund provided due to tour cancellation varies due to changes in exchange rates.
  • Only Japanese is spoken by staff and all on-board documents are in Japanese only.
  • Please be aware that notice of tour cancellation will only be conducted by email.

Miscellaneous Inquiries

Email address for inquiries about reserving and riding Restaurant bus below:

* English only. It may take several days to reply.

Please direct any questions or requests concerning collaboration or promotions with the Restaurant Bus to the address below.