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WILLER Bus Terminal Shinjuku West Exit Closure Notice

Thank you for choosing WILLER EXPRESS.

WILLER Bus Terminal Shinjuku West Exit will be closed from April 3 2016 due to merge bus stops around Shinjuku station.
We sincerely appreciate your support over the past years.

The reception desk of Shinjuku will be closed due to WILLER Bus Terminal Shinjuku West Exit Closure,
Please contact us for using the services below:

1. Booking, changing and cancelling the booking of WILLER EXPRESS bus at the reception desk of Shinjuku.
2. Purchasing coupon tickets between Tokyo and Nagano, Booking a seat using coupon book tickets, and making a refund of unused coupon tickets.

Customer Center

From Japan: (050) 5805-0383
From overseas: +81 (50) 5805-0383
10AM-2PM; 3PM-7PM Japan Standard Time
Please dial carefully.

Additionally, boarding locations in Shinjuku will move to Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal from April 4. Please make sure all passangers gather at the new boarding place.

Check here for Map

Thank you very much for your understanding.


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