Climbing The Fuji-san
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Climbing The Fuji-san

*Review by Trial Traveler from France.

We left shinjuku station to go to the 5th station of fuji-san. When we came to the station it was really windy. We had a great lunch at Unjouaku before the climbing. The wind made us change our gear, it was necessary because it was also sunny. We rent a gear from the shop and we were glad because we had shoes, sticks, lamp, clothes…everything was there! We saw our 2 guides which was nice and also met people in our group. It was really good to see that the group was international people.

We saw the sunrise before the summit because we left the hut at 4am instead of 2am. It was a wise decision of the guide because at 3000 m the wind was impressive! But it didn’t matter because we saw the sunrise with the group and it was just amazing. We could have seen the lake and city behind. It was not too cloudy so we enjoyed the sunrise like kids. After we achieved the climbing and at the top it was really cold. We stopped few minutes just to do some pictures and after we went down. It was great to reach the summit especially with the bad weather.

When we started the descent the guide said we could go by ourselves. I think we were really happy to do just like we wanted to do it. It was again really windy and sunny. The road was full of rocks and sometimes we fell by sliding on it. At the end the road was better with the trees and the ground was much better. During the descent we thought about how meters we climbed, the beauty of sunrise. Even with the wind it worths it!


When we finally arrived at the 5th station, I think we were happy to finish to descent, we were tired and also the first thing I think we wanted to do was taking a shower. With the wind on the mountain, dust due to the rocks was in every parts of our bodies. But with the gear we rent we limited the damage. We were really happy to do the Fuji-san, and we made friend, shared stories and shared how we felt about this adventure. While we were waiting the bus we could change clothes and gave back the gear we rent. After we had a lunch at Benifuji no yu. We were really sleepy but still we thought again how the climbing was, especially the sunrise, the cold, the wind, the joy, the excitement. To conclude, guide and staff for the fuji-san were really nice and always there to answer questions. Im happy I did it with a group and this company.

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