My trip to Mt. Fuji with Willer travel express
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My trip to Mt. Fuji with Willer travel express.

*Review by Trial Traveler from Mongolia

We started our trip from Shinjuku station at 7:40am. Our guide Taka san introduced himself and explained our schedule.


On the way we stopped in nice rental shop to pick up our mountain gears and clothing. The staff was very friendly and explained how to use properly the gears I have rented.


These are the gears that you can rent from Yamadoraku rental, which is included if you will choose the rental plan. This was a one of the perks Willer express was offering to inexperienced hikers like me, who doesn’t have any of these gears. The red sox pictured here was a gift from the shop, which was very nice and warm, kept my feet toasty all the way through, so thank you rental shop very much.


Here we are arrived in Fifth station of Mt.Fuji. Weather was nice, clear sky with cool breeze.


We ate our lunch in restaurant located on the second floor of this building called Unjokaku.

This was our lunch, delicious udon soup, variety of tempura and rice. It was all prepared before we entered to the place.

After the lunch, I changed my clothes, wore my rain pants and shoes, put all my belongings to my backpack, I am ready to climb now.


Our group is gathering for take off. All got ready and excited to start climbing.


About 40 min after we arrived at 6th station.

The rocks of the mountain looked very unique. There were trails and steps were made to make easier for climbers. Our guide made us climb 20 minutes and rest intervals, not to wear down us.

We arrived at 7th station.

All the stations had this rest places where you stay and rest, or eat food, buy small items like water and snacks.



A view from the 7th station Tomoekan.

There were some human traffic; we had to wait some time to time until line moves. I cannot imagine, how crowded it will be during obon season. Luckily we did not wait so much.

Every once in a while you will see the board that tells you how much left until summit, and how long it will take.

On the way up, weather changed, wind became stronger and clothes started to get wet, my rental coat helped very well

Finally we arrived at 8th station, Tomoekan, where we will rest, until early morning. Temperature was 10oC and we practically were in the middle of the clouds.

To use a toilet in Fujisan you have to pay 200 yen contribution for keeping the place clean.


For dinner we ate kare-hambagu. Our guide Sho san gave us the instructions about early morning climbing

The sleeping arrangement was little bit strange. You will be sleeping next to a stranger in very narrow space. If you are lucky and climbing with your family and friends you can get bunk beds.

he place was very thoughtful of people who get sick of high altitude; they prepared this green bucket with plastic bag in it just in case you want to throw up.

At 2:30 am we were up and was ready to continue our climbing. With all my gears set.


Night climbing was little bit scary because of this strong wind that would make us duck down from time to time. There were many people were climbing you could see their headlamps making line one after one.

At the dawn we reached the summit of the Fuji san.

On the top of the mountain were many other climbers waiting to see the sunrise. Because of this thick fog and clouds we were worried missing the sunrise, but was soo happy that we accomplished our goals and made it all the up, highest peak of Japan.


Finally we saw our meaning of the tour, prize of the day a beautiful sun peaking through the thick clouds.



Now, it’s time to go home.


We went back to Tomoekan for our breakfast.



There is no water source in the mountain, therefore you have only one cup of the included in your breakfast, but if want more you have to pay 100 yen per cup. Even though breakfast was simplified version of traditional Japanese breakfast, which I love, but this time I could not finish it all them.



This nice view is taken outside of the Tomoekan before our descent.



Descending was faster than ascend, we quickly went down just in 4 hours from 8th station.


A group picture of my “bunkmates”/ friends that I have made during this trip, Mike and Alyssa from USA and Tracy from Canada.



This was one of the most memorable trips so far I have done in Japan. I have never climbed mountain before and I was little nervous before I start. With the help of the guides and gears provided by rental shop made my trip very pleasant and safe. Making new friends, exploring new places, being on highest place of Japan, excitement of seeing sunrise made this trip special. Thank you very much WILLER express for giving me the opportunity to make this happened.

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