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Trip to Osaka for Luxia trial ride.

*Review by Trial Traveler from Malaysia



We started our journey from Shinjuku Station around 11:20 pm.
The station bus in Shinjuku Station provided a lot of sign in English, so it helped us to find our bus easily.
Since the bus is provided with single seat and has curtain that surround for each seat, it is very convenient and it gives privacy for the passengers.
Even our trip to Osaka took about 5 to 6 hours, I did not feel tired the next day because the seat in the bus is so comfortable.
During the trip also, the bus stopped at 3 rest area for the passengers to go to toilet or to have some snacks.


Around 8:30 am, we arrived at the front of Universal Studio Japan (USJ). The visitors for that day were not so many. The weather also just nice.


As one of the Harry Potter’s fans, it was like a dream comes true because I can experience how to choose wand that suitable for us, plays Quidditch with Ron and Harry and I also experienced the fear when Harry face dementors.
I repeat dementors with ‘s’.
That means, I met a lot of dementors. The fear was real.


I also got a chance to drink a famous drink when we mention about Harry Potter’s series.
It is so delicious and it really good to try this drink either in cold or hot weather.


Around 6:00 pm, we took a train from Universal City Station to Osaka Station. Then, from Osaka Station, we walked to Umeda Sky Building. At 9:40 pm, we took the bus to go back to Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

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