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Visit Superb Views of North Kansai with Blissful Happiness

*Review by Trial Traveler from Taiwan

Travel around North Kansai to visit blissful happiness magnificent sceneries of one of the three views in Japan,
Michelin star 2 sightseeing spot, Macchu Picchu of Japan, footbath and 7 kinds of healing onsen!

Day1 Kuromatsu Sweet Course forwarding to Amanohashidate




Got a ride on Tango Railway Three Matsu sightseeing train at Fukuchiyama Station, we headed to Amanohashidate, one of the he three most scenic spots in Japan.
This time, we chose the sweets course of “Kuromatsu” and started our trip.


Japanese Mont Blanc dessert



The taste was so nostalgic that it reminds us of our sweet memories.
To ride on this Kuromatsu train, booking is acquired. If you want to ride, don’t forget to make a booking!

Sweets of this course are made of local ingredients and offered by Yumenosato Yanagawa, the representative sweets shop of Tango.
The menu consists of 4 kinds of sweets including the most popular one Japanese montblanc.
The train took us to the destination admiring the sceneries of country side and sea.
All of passengers can get a memorable boarding ticket and bring it back home!
The course took about 1.5hour and soon we got to Amanohashidate.


Amanohashidate Observatory

Amanohashidate, Matsushima and Miyajima or Itsukushima are the three most scenic spots in Japan.
3km of the shoal floating on Miyazu bay consists of white sandy beach with thousands of pines and 2 observatories located in south and north so that visitors can enjoy sceneries from both sides.
The view from the observatory near Amanohashidate Station is called “Hiryu-kan” meaning a flying dragon.
On the other hand, the view from the side of Kasamatsu Park is called “Shoryu-kan” meaning a dragon flying to the sky.



When you come here, you have to see the superb view with this way like in this photo (Matanozoki meaning upside down view between your legs).
It may be difficult for those whose bodies are stiff though… To view a dragon, fully use your imagination!


Amanohashidate Hotel

This night, we stayed at Amanohashidate hotel located in front of Amanohashidate station.
Once you open a window, you can see the superb view of Amanohashidate directly!
How wonderful the location of the room! Inside of the hotel, there are not only a large spa but also sauna and open-air spa.
While washing away your fatigue at onsens, dinner is also ready!


Amanohashidate hotel dinner


Continuously Japanese steamed egg custard, Miso soup and so on came to the table.
Although it was very the time that Kama-meshi bowl was just cooked when we thought dinner was over.
We are already 80% full then!!!
But we ate all of them haha~~~ Lastly, there were still desserts.
We are sure to say that this gorgeous dinner is as much as 3 meals of the next day for a girl who doesn’t eat much.


DAY2 Ine Funaya Kinosaki Onsen visit 7 open-air baths


Bus to Ine


Next day early morning, got ride on a bus and headed to Michelin star 2 sightseeing spot-Ine Funaya (boat houses).
Around 1hour ride, we arrived at Inewanmeguri Hide Station. After getting off, we could embark Ine Bay excursion ship and admire such a beautiful views of Ine.


Ine Funaya

Ine Funaya (Boat house) which 1st floor is a garage of boat and 2nd flood is a living space, is a group of about 230 boat houses lined up across the edge of Ine bay.
It is listed in Groups of Traditional Buildings due to the unique landscape.


Ine free rental cycle

Free rental cycle is available here.
Anyone can use it so that no need to wait for bus or train! Above all, the procedure is simple.
Only find this rental cycle hut in the photo. Bikes inside the hut are free to rent.
After using it, come back and return it. How convenient!



Since here has not been developed much, nature is well-preserved: Water is so clear you can see fishes.
Moreover, we could see abalone!!! If we live here, we thought we could eat it whenever we want! How happy!


Kinosaki Onsen

In the afternoon, we started moving again to get to Kinosaki Onsen famous for Sotoyu meguri meaning visiting open-air baths.


Traditional Japanese Course Dinner

The last night of this trip, we stayed at Onsen town and the accomodation called Yutoya Ryokan.
Here was lately registered as a tangible cultural property due to its long history following the biggest onsen from 7 public baths “Ichinoyu.”

We had a traditional Japanese course dinner. Ate seasonal groumet too much!

Although we hate a dish that we need to use our hands to eat, this famous Matsuba crab is what we wish!
We can order how we want Tajima beef done. You can choose how to eat: without any sauce, with salt or wasabi. As soon as beef
came into our mouth, it melted away.
It’s very simple, just so tasty!
Every dish impressed us and we felt Ryokan’s kind consideration and decoration was also perfect.



Except for open-air baths, Ryokan itself also offers onsen!


DAY3 Castle in the sky-Takeda Castle


Sightseeing train


2 days with full of freedom passed and the morning of the last day came. We were going to “Takeda Castle” called Machu Picchu of Japan.
Departing from Kinosaki Onsen, got a ride on Takeda Castle Sightseeing train and soon arrived at Takeda Station.


Takeda Castle Ruins


After getting off,
One way costs 260yen per adult so “Tenku 1day free pas” could be the choice to purchase comparing to it!

In early sunny morning, Takeda castle is as if the floating castle in the sky. It’s unpredictable when you can see the best views such as “Castle in the sky” and “Machu Picchu of Japan.

A person who actually has been to Macchu Picchu says, it looks exactly alike! Namely, we saved the money of a flight ticket, Lucky! The air in the mountain is so clean and fresh.
No industrial gas. No noise. There were also a lot of Japanese bringing lunch to eat here. We were so much satisfied!

Blissful happy trip to visit North Kansai for 2 nights and 3days is now end.
To get close to the marvels of nature, or admire different faces of Kansai area, North Kansai is recommendable place since there is not very much known and you can heal your body with your mind!


Visit North Kansai

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