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If you would like to tour Kyoto, but are worried about your Japanese ability and whether you can make bus and train transfers properly, we have the answer. We recommend the city's regular tour bus, which stops at Kyoto's main sightseeing spots.

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What is the regular tour bus?

We offer model courses on this bus, which allows you to tour the main sightseeing spots of the city of Kyoto! The regular tour bus has a support system that earns rave reviews even from non-Japanese travelers.

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Three advantages of the regular tour bus

Note: 1 The tour guide will speak in Japanese. For other languages, use the foreign language guidance system.

Example of a regular tour bus itinerary (half-day)

itinerary (half-day) itinerary (half-day)

Choose from among four itineraries.Itineraries for Experiencing Kyoto

Important points

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