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The refund process after booking varies according to the payment method you have chosen. Here, we show the process for each cases.

If you choose Convenience Store Payment, and you need a refund, please note that we can only refund either through a Japanese bank account, or reimburse WILLER POINTS to your account. Please note that we cannot remit to foreign countries.

Credit Card Payments

Products purchased by credit card will be refunded to the credit card used. There is no handling fee for credit card refunds. The timing of a refund depends on the billing cycle of the credit card company, the booking date and the date on which the cancellation or booking change was made.

1) Refunds requested before payment is processed

We will refund the adjusted amount to your credit card account.
Depending on the billing cycle of the credit card company, it is possible that the full amount will be deducted first and refunded afterwards.

2) Refunds requested after payment has been processed

The full amount will be deducted, and later, the adjusted fare will be reimbursed to your account. Depending on the billing cycle of the credit card company, the refund procedure may take up to one or two months. We are not able to access policies for individual policies or credit cards. Please refer to your credit card company or credit card statement for details.

Convenience Store Payments

Products purchased through a convenience store can be refunded only to a Japanese bank account or reimbursed with WILLER POINTS. Refunds cannot be made to foreign countries. The following two refund options are available for products paid through a convenience store.

1) Refund to your Japanese bank account (handling fees apply)

We will refund the money to your Japanese bank account, and a fee of 430 yen will be charged for each booking. Please contact the Customer Center for more information about the reimbursement procedure.

Customer Center

From Japan: (050) 5805-0383
From overseas: +81 (50) 5805-0383 
10AM-2PM; 3PM-7PM Japan Standard Time
Please dial carefully.

2) WILLER Point refunds (no charge)

If you change or cancel your booking online, you have the option of receiving your refund in WILLER Points.
Please log in to My Page and proceed to Cancel/Change, then choose "Refund by WILLER Points"

  • You must be a WILLER member to receive a refund in WILLER Points.
  • This type of refund is not available for reservations made by phone.
  • WILLER Points expire after three years.
  • You can use a minimum of 100 points and a maximum of up to 30,000 points per payment.

Full payment by WILLER POINTS

Please login to MY PAGE and proceed to cancel/change. After cancelling, the adjusted amount of points will be automatically refunded to your account.