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WILLER Seat Selection

About seat assignments

Seats cannot be pre-selected when reserving with a BUS PASS.
Seat selections can only be made on highway buses operated by WILLER EXPRESS.

Bus Willerexpress

Available seats

Seats may be added as demand permits.

  • Relax


  • Beaute


  • Comodo


  • Reborn


  • Luxia


Easy guide to selecting seats


To select an available seat, click the "Seat reservation" button on the reservation form (customer information input) screen.
Note: If you do not select a seat, one will be assigned to you automatically by the system.

Step 1


  1. Select the person you are selecting a seat for on the left side of the page.
  2. Click one of the colored selectable seats on the bus image to choose a seat for the person you selected in 1. When you have selected seats for everyone, click the "Complete" button below.
Step 2


When you have finished selecting seats, the seat information for each passenger is displayed.

Step 3


After confirming your seat selections and other reservation information on the reservation confirmation screen, proceed to complete your reservation.

Step 4


Q1. When can I select a seat?

When you press the "Seat reservation" button displayed when you are making a reservation in the usual manner, you will be taken to the seat assignment screen.It is also possible to select a seat from My Page after you have finished making a reservation.

Q2. Which seats can be selected?

You can assign two seats in a row or three seats in a row (including in business class). Available seat types include Executive, Cocoon,Business Class, Business Class Comfort, Sleeper, Relax Wide, New Premium Single and Beaute.

Q3. Can I change or cancel the selected seat?

You can cancel or change an assignment on My Page

Other important points

  • If on the day of travel, the bus cannot be operated for any reason, we will offer you a seat on another bus, but seat selections made at the time of reservation will be invalid.
  • The number of available seats is limited.
  • If another passenger finishes selecting a seat before you do, you may not receive the seat assignment you wanted.