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About Luggage and Pets

About the luggage which you can bring with you into the bus and the luggage which we will be able to put in the trunk in the bus.

Trunk space for luggage is not available for certain seat types.

Luggage check-in available

Luggage can be stowed in the trunk of the bus. Luggage size is restricted as shown below.
Luggage that can be stowed in the trunk of the bus

Luggage check-in unavailable

Not all buses are equipped with a trunk. For such buses, please bring only carry-on luggage that will fit in the seat space.
Carry-on luggage sizes

About the luggage which you can bring into the bus

  • Carry-on luggage should weigh less than 10 kilograms in total, and should be no more than 1 meter in length and 0.027 m3 in capacity.
  • The carry-on luggage have to be small enough to fit into the overhead rack or under your seat.
    ※In some cases there are heaters below your seat which may cause high temperature beneath.
  • In some cases, the check-in crew or the bus driver may request you to put your carry-on luggage inside the trunk.

About the luggage which you can bring inside the bus

Luggage which you cannot carry into the bus

The following items may not be carried aboard and must be checked in:
  • Swords, knives and other objects with blades
  • Other objects that may be used as a weapon
Objects that may not be carried aboard or checked in:
  • Gunpowder or fireworks exceeding 100 g
  • Flammable liquids, including gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil and alcohol (lighters are acceptable)
  • Film and other celluloid products exceeding 100 g
  • Matches exceeding 500 g
  • Batteries (dry cells are acceptable)
  • Dead bodies
  • Animals
  • Flammable, explosive, radioactive, and corrosive substances
  • High-pressure or harmful gas (excluding fire extinguishers and medical oxygen devices)
  • Other objects that may inconvenience other travelers or that may damage the interior of the bus

Luggage for the bus trunk

  • Please check your luggage you do not need on the seat in the bus trunk.
  • To avoid lost of luggage we recommend our passengers to put marks or name tags on the belonging.
  • We only accept 2 luggage/s for 1 passenger. We do not accept more than 3 luggage/s.
Size of the luggage/s which we will accept inside the bus trunk

For1 luggage: within total size of 155cm= Height + Width + Length
For 2 luggage/s: within total size of 240cm= Height + Width + Length

Restriction on the luggage for the bus trunk

Breakable Items Anything that is easily breakable under vibration or hot temperature are not allowed to put inside the bus trunk. Movement may cause intense vibration in a bus trunk, and it is not possible for the bus to make controlled temperature.
Valuables Please do not put the following valuables inside the bus trunk: cash, jewelry, stock certificates, valuable antiques or musical instruments.
Double Decker Bus Double Decker Buses (Executive, Value, some buses with toilet, Sleeper) do not have a trunk. In that case, we cannot accept big luggage.
Sporting Equipment For ski goods, snowboards and golf bags, it is possible to keep them inside the trunk even if they exceed prescribed size.
*We cannot accept this type of luggage on our double decker buses.
*We cannot accept large sports equipment which is in excess of the luggage limits.
Bicycles We do not accept any bicycles including the foldable bicycles.

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