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Contact Us

Inquiry through mail

If our FAQ did not answer your question, please send us email inquiry: en-info@willer.co.jp
*It might take a while before we answer your mail. If you are in a hurry, please call us.

Reservation and Inquiries
*From outside Japan:81-50-5805-0383
Business Hours:
(JST) 10:00~19:00 Everyday

Cancellation by email
We can accept cancellation request by email except the booking using Bus Pass.
(For the booking using Bus Pass, please cancel from your MY PAGE.)
We accept your request only if we received your request form before the departure time.
If we received your request after the departure time, we will not refund your travel fees.  
Cancellations made within seven days before departure will incur a certain cancellation fee.

*To learn more about cancellation fee, please click here

*To send cancellation request form, please click here


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