Nagashima Spaland

Nagashima Spaland is one of the most exciting amusement park in Japan. It's located near Nabana no Sato, and accessible by route bus. This package plan includes a round-trip bus between Osaka and Nagashima Spaland and passport! Enjoy the thrilling attractions all day.
There are not only exciting attractions but also plenty of attractions for all ages too.

For thrill seekers!

  • Hakugei


    Hakugei meaning "White sperm whale" is Asia's first hybrid coaster! The white roller coaster made of wood and steel realized the complex course layout. Swoop from 55m high at 107km/h! The new thrilling attraction must fascinates roller costar fans!! Try the world class coaster and scream a lot!

  • Steel Dragon 2000

    Steel Dragon 2000

    Steel Dragon 2000 is the longest and second tallest coaster in the world! The coaster hits a peak speed of 153km/h in 3 min 12 sec ride! Your feet is off the floor and the safety bar is locked tightly at one spot only! You feel as if flying through the sky! It's time to try the Guinness record roller coaster!

  • Arashi


    Arashi, meaning storm in Japanese, is the Japan's first 4th dimension free spin coaster! The extraordinary exciting coaster has arrived in Japan! Seats will spin freely in a full 360° independent of the other sets of seats on the ride. The unique and thrilling ride must exceeds your imagination! Arashi can make you enjoy sensations you have never felt before.

  • Flying Coaster Acrobat

    Flying Coaster Acrobat

    Flying Coaster Acrobat is a flying roller coaster. When it starts, you will be restrained in the prone position. The position makes you feel as if flying like a bat! You will fall in the prone position from 43m high and fly to the goal at 90km/h! Don't forget to try the brand-new and refreshing unique flying coaster!