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About Boarding and Arrival Locations

You might find similar bus stops in the same area or throughout the city. Because boarding and arrival locations may change through the year, please double-check your booking beforehand for the correct locations.
Buses depart at the scheduled time. To ensure smooth operation, we cannot take requests for late departures.

Booking Confirmation E-mails

After a booking is placed, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the registered e-mail address. Please confirm the information provided in the e-mail is correct and use the URLs provided to confirm the boarding and arrival locations.

Confirming from My Page (for Online Bookings Only)

Bookings that are made online can be confirmed using My Page. The information available includes boarding and arrival locations. Log into My Page to see the details for your booking.
Note: Bookings made by phone cannot be checked from My Page.

How to Check Boarding and Arrival Locations before Finalizing a Booking

Before finalizing a booking, you can check the boarding and arrival locations. Simply do a search with the location name using the search box.
Please note that we show all boarding/arriving locations available on the website. So please use this as reference only.