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JBL Terms of Membership

Article 1 (Definitions)

The below terms are to be defined as the following meanings in these Terms.
  1. A "Member" is an individual who has agreed to these terms and registered by the prescribed method for JBL membership.
  2. "Service" is defined as services provided for members by WILLER (hereinafter referred to as "This Company") on the "japanbuslines.com", etc. (hereinafter referred to as "JAPAN BUS LINES Site").
  3. "Service Provider" refers to the administrating company of: each website, each JAPAN BUS LINES Site travel planning company, each lodging/transportation company, each controlling company or the individual responsible for running such companies.
  4. "These Terms, Etc." refers to these terms, the cautionary notes regarding the use of JAPAN BUS LINES website, cautionary notes regarding purchases on each website, and all other terms, guidelines, etc. set by each of these websites.
  5. "Member Information" refers to information provided by members to the websites of this company and records regarding transactions between members and this company (including information gathered under Article 11).

Article 2 (JBL Members)

  1. Members may utilize the various services of JAPAN BUS LINES website, in accordance with their terms of service. However, in some cases, additional registration may be required.
  2. Rights procured through membership of this company are not to be transferred, traded, or processed in any other fashion under any circumstances.

Article 3 (These Terms)

These terms are applicable to all members, and are to be upheld at and from the time of registration.

Article 4 (Membership Application Process)

  1. Membership Requirements
    Individuals who have completed the prescribed membership registration process are considered to be members at that point. The registration process is to be done by the registrant him/herself. Registration by proxy will not be accepted under any circumstances. Additionally, individuals for whom membership has been revoked in the past and individuals who are deemed as being inappropriate by this company may be denied membership.
  2. Member Information Input
    When registering for membership, please read the cautionary notes carefully, and properly fill out all required areas in the registration form.

Article 5 (Password Management)

Members are to take responsibility for the management of their passwords so as not to be known by others - for example by regularly updating them, etc. If a member's email address and password are entered correctly, this company will recognize any activities from that point on as being done by the member themselves, and this company will not take any responsibility for any activities, including those resulting in damages of any kind, resulting from use of a member's account even if account information has been stolen.

Article 6 (Updating Registration Information)

In case any information used for registration has changed, please update the information as soon as possible. This company will assume no responsibility for any damages incurred through failure to update such information. Additionally, even if such information has been updated, any transactions completed before the update will be processed with the pre-update information. When it is necessary to inform the service provider of these updates for certain transactions, please contact and inform the provider directly.

Article 7 (Membership Cancellation)

When a member wishes to cancel membership, the member has to delete their own membership information. Once the prescribed membership cancellation process has been completed, membership will be officially cancelled.

Article 8 (JAPAN BUS LINES website Transactions)

Transactions through this JAPAN BUS LINES Site's servers are considered as direct transactions between the member and this company, or between the member and service provider according to the property of the target merchandise. Therefore, where any trouble occurs regarding a transaction between the member and service provider, it must be resolved directly by the member and the service provider. Please note that no liability for such trouble will be accepted by this company.

Article 9 (Exemption of Liability of This Company)

  1. Please contact the appropriate service provider directly for details regarding the management and handling of personal information, and other information concerning transaction contents/items of merchandise/services/contents written on a webpage and details of various contents. This company provides no guarantee whatsoever regarding the authenticity, accuracy, currentness , or applicability.
  2. This company assumes no responsibility whatsoever for data loss or delay due to system failure, such as interruption of communication lines and computers, damage caused by unauthorized access to data, and damage caused to members that is related to services provided by this company.
  3. This company makes no guarantee that email contents sent from this company's web server domain do not contain computer viruses or other harmful things.
  4. This company may provide information and/or advice to members and/or service providers, but does not take responsibility for such advice and/or information.
  5. This company assumes no responsibility for any damage resulting from a member's failure to abide by these terms.

Article 10 (Prohibited Items)

When using these services, members are prohibited from engaging in the following activities.
  1. Activities that violate laws and/or these terms, this website's precautionary notes, precautionary notes regarding reservations/purchases from this company, and/or other behaviors in conflict with these terms.
  2. Activities that cause damage to the rights, profits, and/or reputation of this company and/or any third parties.
  3. Activities that may have physically and/or mentally harmful influence on minors, or other behaviors, which are considered harmful to public morality and order.
  4. Behaviors that cause trouble or unpleasantness to other users and/or third parties.
  5. Input of false information
  6. Sending and/or posting harmful computer programs/emails, etc.
  7. Illegally accessing the computers and/or servers of this company.
  8. Lending and/or granting your user ID and/or password to third parties, as well as sharing these with third parties.
  9. Affiliate advertising of JAPAN BUS LINES Site for commercial purposes
  10. Purchasing merchandise provided by this company and/or service providers for the purpose of reselling
  11. Cancellation, for any purpose, after purchasing the merchandise in large quantities that are provided by this company and/or service providers

Article 11 (Regarding Cookies, Etc.)

  1. In order to authenticate that a member has accessed JAPAN BUS LINES Site, to examine members' access history and use conditions, and to provide other members with the best service possible, this company will collect information on the IP address of the member upon access to this company's website server, or information on the mobile equipment identification number of the member's cellular phone terminal if it is used to access the server, and records on the members’ access information using cookie technology.
  2. When collating the registration information of a member with the information registered on Facebook or Twitter (hereinafter referred to as "Facebook Etc.”), and if they match, this company will send advertisements of this company to the member through Facebook etc. (Custom Audience). Facebook etc. will not acquire personal information of the members through this Custom Audience.
  3. For the purpose of using the Custom Audience, this company may provide personal information of the members to the third party that shall have an obligation equivalent to that of this company regarding personal information protection.

Article 12 (Handling of Member Information)

This company handles private information in accordance with this point company's privacy policy.

Article 13 (Use of Services)

When using these various services, it is necessary to agree to the terms of each respective service.

Article 14 (E-mail Distribution)

  1. This company may send an e-mail to the member in case that this company decides that it is necessary to deliver urgent information or information to be notified.
  2. This company will distribute an e-mail newsletter only to the member who requests for its delivery.

Article 15 (Cancellation/Stopping of Service)

In order to ensure that members will be able to use the services at the highest possible level of quality, this company may sometimes stop and/or cancel some or all services without prior notice, in the events of: scheduled/emergency system maintenance, overconcentration of users on the system, decision by this company that damages have occurred regarding the provision of these services, necessity of protecting members' security, and/or other circumstances. Additionally, in case of unavoidable circumstances, this company may also stop and/or cancel some or all services. This company assumes no responsibility for any damages and/or losses incurred by members due to these events.

Article 16 (Cancellation of Service/Revocation of Membership of Specific Members)

  1. In the event that this company decides that a particular member is accountable for any of the following items, this company may, without prior notice, stop service to said member, change said member's password, and/or revoke membership of said member. This company assumes no responsibility for any damages and/or losses incurred through these circumstances.
    1. When member behavior violate laws and/or these terms
    2. When illegal behavior relating to member's service use has occurred
    3. When it is deemed necessary to protect members' security, for example when a member's password has been incorrectly entered more than a set number of times
    4. In case of violation of Article 10
    5. Other circumstances in which this company deems appropriate
  2. In addition to the previous item, when a member has failed to log in prescribed number of times within the prescribed time period, this company may, without prior notice, change the member's password and/or revoke said member's membership.

Article 17 (Service Changes/Termination)

This company, according to its decision, may change/terminate some or all services when deemed appropriate.

Article 18 (Revisions to These Terms)

This company may revise these terms, and this company may supplement these terms (hereinafter referred to as "Supplemental Terms"). Revisions and supplementations to these terms are to become valid as of the posting of such revisions/supplementations on this company's specified website. In this situation, members are to abide by the revised and/or supplemented terms.

Article 19 (Governing Law & Jurisdiction Terms)

These terms are to be defined by Japanese law, and in the event that legal action is required to be taken in relation to these terms, the Tokyo District Court shall be used as the exclusive Terms jurisdictional court for the first trial.
End of document.
Enacted: 9/1/2015