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Luggage and Pets

Please note that pets are not allowed, neither on the bus nor on the trunk.
The restrictions for on-board luggage and trunk luggage are as follows:

Depending on the type of seat and bus you have booked, the trunk may not be available for luggage storage

Check-in luggage services are not available for all seat and bus types.

  • Luggage check-in is available

    Please see below for information about luggage size and restrictions.

    Luggage for bus trunk
  • Luggage check-in is NOT available

    There are buses with no trunk. Please ensure your carry-on luggage will fit on-board.

    Carry-on Luggage Size

Carry-on Luggage Size

  • Carry-on luggage should weigh less than 10 kilograms in total, and each piece should be no more than 1 meter in length and 0.027 cubic meters in capacity.
  • TAll carry-on luggage must fit into the overhead rack or under your seat.
    Note: Some seats have heaters below them, which may cause that area to heat up considerably.
  • In some cases, the check-in crew or the bus driver may ask you to put your carry-on luggage in the trunk.
bag Average overhead rack size on single-deck buses
Size Average overhead rack size on the top deck of double-decker buses.
Double-decker buses do not have overhead racks on the first deck.

Carry-on Luggage Restrictions

Items that cannot be carried on board:
  • Swords, knives and other objects with blades
  • Other objects that may be used as a weapon
Items not allowed on board or in the trunk:
  • Flammable liquids, including gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil and alcohol (lighters are permitted)
  • Film and other celluloid products weighing more than 100 grams
  • Matches weighing more than 500 grams
  • Batteries (dry cells are acceptable)
  • Dead bodies
  • Animals
  • Flammable, explosive, radioactive, and corrosive substances
  • High-pressure or harmful gas (excluding fire extinguishers and medical oxygen devices)
  • Other objects that may inconvenience other travelers or that may damage the interior of the bus

Trunk luggage

  • Please check luggage not needed during the trip for trunk storage (if available)
  • Please put name tags on your bags and belongings to avoid losing them.
  • For Willer Express buses: Up to two pieces of luggage may be checked per passenger.
  • For buses operated by other bus companies: Only one piece of luggage can be checked per passenger.
Maximum size for trunk luggage

For one piece of luggage: height + width + depth = 155 cm maximum

For two piecesof luggage: height + width + dept = 240 cm maximum

  • bag size
  • bag size

Trunk luggage restrictions

Fragile Items Items that are easily breakable under vibration or susceptible to high temperatures are not allowed in the bus trunk. Please note that it is not possible for the bus to maintain a stablethe temperature in the trunk may vary widely.
Valuables Please do not check valuables in the trunk, including cash, jewelry, stock certificates, valuable antiques.
Double-Decker Buses Double- decker buses (Executive, Value, some buses with toilet, Sleeper) do not have a trunk, so we cannot accept big suitcases in them.
Sporting Equipment Size exceptions are made for the trunk storage of ski goods, snowboards and golf bags on single-deck buses. Other sporting equipment must be within the size restrictions. Please note that double-decker buses do not have trunks for storage. Note: Ski goods, snowboards, surfboards, large instruments and golf bags are not accepted by the following bus companies:
Eagle Bus Co., Ltd., Enoden Bus Fujisawa Company, Limited, Ibaraki Kotsu, Kanto Bus Co., Ltd, Kintetsu Bus Co., Ltd., Maruichi Kanko Co., Ltd., Nagaden Bus Co., Ltd., Nankai Bus Co., Ltd., Nara Kotsu Bus Lines Co., Ltd., Nishi Tokyo Bus Co., Ltd., Odakyu City Bus Co., Ltd., Sanyo Bus Co., Ltd., Shimotsui Dentetsu., Kintetsu Bus Co., Ltd.
Bicycles We do not accept any bicycles, including foldable types.
Musical Instruments Musical instruments as small as a guitar and bass can be stored.
*Be sure to keep your instrument in its case.
*Any instruments bigger than our regulation size cannot be stored in the bus trunk.
*The number of musical instruments is limited according to our regulations.
*Damages are not covered by the warranty.
*Musical instruments are not accepted by Kintetsu Bus Co., Ltd. and Hankyu Bus Co.,Ltd..