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About WILLER Points

Sign up for a free WILLER membership, and earn WILLER Points for each online booking you make.
WILLER Points can be used to pay for travel on the WILLER website. Each WILLER Point is worth one yen in travel.

How to Earn WILLER Points (100 yen spent earn 1 point)

• For each 100 yen you spend on the WILLER website, you earn one WILLER Point. • Earned WILLER Points are added to your account three days after the end of the trip.

Using WILLER Points (1 point worth 1 yen)

• When purchasing trips on the WILLER website, you can redeem your WILLER Points toward payment. Each WILLER Point is worth one yen in purchasing power.
• For any one payment, you can use between 100 and 30,000 WILLER Points.
• To check your points, log into My Page and refer to your Point History.

Additional Terms and Conditions

• WILLER Points are valid for three years after the date of issue. WILLER Points earned from special campaigns may have special terms. Refer to My Page for further details.
• Only WILLER members are eligible to earn WILLER Points
• WILLER Points are earned only for online bookings. Bookings made by phone are not eligible.
• When WILLER Points are used, the points with the closest expiration date will be deducted first.
• If a booking purchased with WILLER Points is cancelled, those points will be returned to your account if still valid. However, any WILLER Points that expire before the cancellation is made will not be returned.
• If a change is made to a booking that results in a different charge, the number of WILLER Points awarded will be based on the final amount.
• WILLER Points are a discount service provided by WILLER.