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MembershipWILLER Point Use Terms

WILLER Point Use Terms

Article 1 (Objective)

  1. These WILLER Membership Terms (hereinafter referred to as "These Terms") define the WILLER Point Service (hereinafter referred to as "This Service") provided by Willer, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "This Company") to members (hereinafter referred to as "Members") and the conditions of this service.
  2. For items of this service that are not covered by these terms, the Terms of Membership will be applied.

Article 2 (Definitions)

  1. A "Member" is an individual who has agreed to the following terms and registered by the prescribed method for WILLER membership.
  2. "WILLER Points" is defined as a certain numbers of points awarded based on the price of product of this company or other conditions of this company.
  3. "WILLER Point Service" is defined as services provided for members by this company on the "willerexpress.com", etc.

Article 3 (WILLER Point Assignment)

  1. This company will grant WILLER points (hereinafter referred to as "Points") to a member when that member uses a website managed by this company (hereinafter referred to as "This Site") or another website designated by this company to purchase goods and/or services in the method specified by this company, as long as the other company has deemed it appropriate.
    Points will be granted when goods and/or services have been purchased via the prescribed method at any of the various websites, or when this company deems applicable.
  2. This company will decide when points are grantable, based on a member making a purchase at an applicable site, of an applicable service, or makes an applicable transaction (hereinafter referred to as an "applicable transaction"), how many points to award, and other point-related conditions, and members will be notified of these through a specified site among the sites designated by this company (hereinafter referred to as "notification sites"). The decision of whether or not to grant points, how many points to grant, and/or the deadline of validity of points may vary according to the type of transactions and/or the type of service used.
  3. Points will be granted once the set amount of time decided by this company has passed after an applicable transaction. If, before this time, said applicable transaction is cancelled, or goods are returned, etc., points will not be granted for the applicable transaction, and when a change in value of an applicable transaction has occurred, points will be granted based on the value after the change.
  4. Final decision on whether or not points will be granted for a transaction, how many points will be granted, and any other decisions regarding points will be made by this company, and members are to abide by these decisions

Article 4 (Point Management)

  1. This company will, by its prescribed method, notify members of their number of points acquired, number of points used, and number of points remaining.
  2. A member, when in doubt regarding the previous item, is to contact this company immediately and explain this doubt.
  3. Final decisions regarding point amounts mentioned in Article 1 are to be made by this company, and members are to abide by these decisions.

Article 5 (Prohibition of Combination of Points and Multiple Registration)

  1. Members cannot give or pawn their points to other members, nor may points be shared by members.
  2. When one individual has registered multiple times, their total points may not be combined.

Article 6 (Point Cancellation/Termination)

  1. If, after points have been granted for an applicable transaction, there has been a return or cancellation of goods, or if this company makes the decision that it is appropriate to cancel said points, this company will be able to cancel said points.
  2. If this company decides that any of the following items are applicable to a member, then this company may, without prior notice, cancel some or all of said member's acquired points.
    1. When illegal or inappropriate actions have taken place
    2. When these terms, terms of membership, and/or other terms/rules decided by this company have been broken
    3. Other situations in which this company has decided that it is appropriate to cancel points granted to a member
  3. When a member has not used points within their period of validity (may vary by campaign), those points will be automatically terminated.
  4. This company must offer no form of compensation for cancelled or terminated points, nor shall this company accept any responsibility for said points.

Article 7 (Using Points for Settlement)

  1. Members may use some or all of their acquired points in the method and conversion rate prescribed by this company to settle payments, in part or in full, for goods and services of the various shops and websites designated by this company (including tour payments, processing fees, and consumption tax. This applies to the following as well.).
  2. This company may apply limits to the services and/or goods applicable for point use as stated in Article 1, and/or attach conditions to the use of said points.
  3. When a member has cancelled a settlement as stated in Article 1, as a rule, the points used in the transaction shall be returned, and points will not be returned in cash. However, in situations in which this company cannot return points due to matters of business, the member may receive an amount of cash equivalent to the number of points used from the shop at which the transaction took place..
  4. When a member has used points to settle the payment for an entire transaction, and the amount of settlement is reduced afterward for whatever reason, the appropriate amount of points or cash will be returned to the member in accordance with the previous item.
  5. When a member has used points to pay for part of a transaction, and afterward, for whatever reason, the amount of settlement is reduced, first the amount will be returned by another method of payment, and if even then the entire amount necessary has not been paid, the amount necessary will be returned in points or cash in accordance with the previous item.
  6. When a member has used points to settle the payment for an entire transaction, and the amount of settlement is increased afterward for whatever reason, the member is to pay for the difference of the increased amount through another method of payment. However, when a member has used points to pay for an entire settlement, and said member has decided to use their entire stock of points to pay, the member's points will be used first, and if the remaining number of points is insufficient to pay for the remaining balance, that member must pay the difference through a different method of payment.

Article 8 (Accidents, Etc.)

For goods related to applicable transactions under Article 6, and for amenities mentioned in the previous article, if any accident, such as delay, loss, theft, injuries, or damages, occurs during shipping or after provision of said merchandise, except for when said accident was the responsibility of this company, this company will accept no responsibility, and points will not be returned.

Article 9 (Point Cancellation After Use of Points)

If, after a member has used points to settle a payment, points are cancelled in accordance with Article 6 Item 1 or Item 2, the transaction for which the points were to be used (hereinafter referred to as a "point use transaction") may be cancelled or suspended. When a member has completed or is about to complete a point use transaction, balance deficits created by cancelled points are to be paid in cash be the payment method designated by this company.

Article 10 (Prohibition of Realization)

Members may not exchange points for cash under any circumstances.

Article 11 (Use by Third Parties)

  1. Use of points is to be carried out by the member only; use by third parties is prohibited.
  2. When this company has confirmed that the User ID and password entered at the time of point use are the appropriate User ID and password, the transaction will be deemed to have been made by the member. Even when the transaction has been made by a third party, this company will not return points, nor will it assume any responsibility for any damages incurred by the member.

Article 12 (Sales Tax and Fees)

When sales taxes or extra costs are incurred through acquisition, use, or exchange for amenities, these are to be paid for by the member.

Article 13 (Loss or Stopping of Membership)

When a member loses his/her status as a member, they are to lose all acquired points, privileges for exchange for amenities, and rights to use of all other related services, and loses all rights to charge this company for any charges or receive any benefits.

Article 14 (Exemption from Responsibility)

This company does everything in its power to use the most current technologies possible at all times for these services, however there is no guarantee that no damage will be incurred. This company will assume no responsibility regarding cutting off of systems, delay, cancellation, or loss of data due to communication line or computer damages, as well as damages relating to point use, damages incurred through illegal access to data, or damages incurred by the members through use of any other services.

Article 15 (Changes to These Services)

  1. This company may, without prior notice to the member, implement changes to these terms, service contents, and/or conditions of service provision (this includes, but is not limited to, point termination, cancellation of point granting, changes in applicable sites and/or transactions, and changes in number of points granted and/or point use ratio), and also may cancel or terminate this service. The member is to understand and accept this.
  2. This company shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for any losses or damages which may be incurred by the member due to changes in the previous items.

Article 16 (Governing Law and Exclusive Jurisdiction)

These terms are to be interpreted based on Japanese laws, and the Osaka District Court has the exclusive jurisdiction in the first instance in the event of litigations arising in connection with these terms.

Enacted: 5/16/2011
Revised: 6/10/2015