About the payment procedure at Lawson LAWSON

Inside Lawson, payment can be made in cash. This applies to products you reserved online.

How to pay at Lawson

  1. Press the "各種番号をお持ちの方" (customers who have a number) button on the left side of the main screen of the Loppi machine,
  1. Enter your six-digit payment number, then press the "次へ" (next) button.
  1. Enter the phone number you registered when you made your booking.

    Note: If the machine asks, please enter your reservation number, reference number or member ID.

  1. Your reservation details and fare will appear on the screen. After checking the details, press the "了解" (OK) button.
  1. The Loppi machine will print out a ticket. Please take it to the cashier and pay within 30 minutes.

    Note: After you pay, be sure to take your receipt from the cashier.


After you pay, the cashier will give you a receipt. This receipt serves as proof that you paid.