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If you don’t know Ise, you don’t know Japan.

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Starting 2000 years back, the Ise Shrine in Ise city has enshrined the Kami* of the Sun who appears in Japanese mythology. The Kami is said to be an ancestor of the Emperor and the Kami of all Kami for the Japanese.
This shrine is ranked highest of all shrines in Japan and is also considered the most sacred place of the nation as well.
Every two decades, the Japanese follow a tradition called Shikinen Sengu, which is the transfer of a deity to a newly built temple. The Shikinen Sengu helps preserve old forms to be in their newest state.
You don't know anything about Japan without visiting this worldly rare heritage.
In addition to the Ise Shrine, Ise has many "power spots" ---spots with good energy believed to bring its visitors good luck. "Meotoiwa", meaning wedded rocks, is one among many.
There are plenty of local foods unique to Ise that visitors that can never get enough of once they are tasted.
Oharai Town and Okage Yoko Street are two places where the historical vibes of the old days can be experienced. Visitors will definitely enjoy more than just the food when coming to Ise. This is one place worth going to.
* The spirits or phenomena that are worshipped in the religion of Shinto.

Ise and WILLER bus introduced by popular Youtuber

Ninja on Okano TV
Okano TVChris Okano
Ise's intriguing spot and WILLER highway bus was introduced by world famous Youtuber, Chris Okano's Okano TV!

Departing Shinjuku WILLER Bus Terminal at 11:10PM and travel while sleeping, and arrive at Ise at 8:50AM the next morning. Interesting place and food of Azuchi Momoyama Cultural Village, Ise Shrine, Okage Yokocho are introduced. It's worth checking!

Chris Okano is from Los Angeles and now lives in Japan. He is a unique guy who loves to show sightseeing spots and food.
Okano TV Chris Okano

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Sample Route

Ise Shrine and Meoto Iwa Tour
Ise Shrine and Meoto Iwa TourIntroducing a course centering around Iseshi Station and visiting Ise Shrine and Okage Yokocho, then Ise Azuchi Momoyama Cultural Village (Ise Azuchimomoyama Bunkamura) and Meoto Iwa!
Enjoy Ise to the fullest with a route that includes classic Japan at Ise Shrine, Japanese food at Okage Yokocho, and dressing up like a samurai or ninja at Ise Azuchi Momoyama Cultural Village. Finally, delight in the view of the sea of Japan and the Meoto Iwa. Use this route for ideas when building your own itinerary.

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