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Change/Cancellation/Refund (General Reservation)

I have not received refund yet.

First, please check My Page to confirm whether your change or cancellation has been completed.
If My Page still shows "Pending" or "In progress" or "Reserved", you have not completed the change or cancellation last time.
You will need to complete the change or cancellation again. Depending on timing, cancellation fee might be different.

If My Page shows that change/cancellation has been completed, please confirm information below:
(Paid by Credit Card)
Our company sends finalized transaction data to credit card companies on the next day. Then, the credit card company arranges for refund. Therefore, it may take some time.
Since we cannot contact your card company due to privacy, please confirm the exact timing of refund with your card company by yourself.
(Paid at a convenience store)
If you paid at a convenience store, we will refund to your Japanese Bank account. Please advise us the details of your bank account, then we will arrange a refund.

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