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Privacy Policy

WILLER, Inc. regards it very important to protect the personal information and privacy of its customers and, in order to respect them and give appropriate protection while conducting its business, the company has established following Privacy Policy:

Regarding the Private Policy

The company shall keep any and all personal information to be acquired from its customers via this website under strict control and use it solely for the managing operation of the company and shall not furnish it to or share it with a third party which does not have any relation with the managing operation of the company, without obtaining an agreement from each customer in person or without notice.

Regarding the arbitrary property of information supply

The information to be acquired by the company can be classified into the one which the customer may refuse to supply according to its intention and the other of which supply is required according to the objective of use, such as the name and address to be given at the time of membership registration or reservation.

Regarding the information to be acquired by the company

  1. Information to be acquired at the time of membership registration or reservation (name, address, phone number, mail address, etc.)
  2. Information to be acquired in response to the questionnaire (purchase motive, interest, etc.)
  3. General web access information (domain name, access time, type of browser, etc.)

Regarding the purpose of use

The company will use the personal information provided by customers via this website for the following purposes.

  1. Provision and arrangement for services subscribed by the customers, and managing operation
    To the extent considered necessary for the above purposes, such information may be provided to affiliated companies of the company, service providers, and business tie-up partners.
  2. Mailing printed matters and other communication documents from the company and sending e-mails for the notification
    To the extent considered necessary for the above purposes, such information may be provided to affiliated companies of the company and business tie-up partners.
  3. Statistic analysis and review of the information that cannot identify a specific individual in order to improve this website, merchandizes and services of the company
    To the extent considered necessary for the above purposes, such information may be provided to affiliated companies of the company. The company never allows any third party to use these outcome. Note that the business tie-up partners shall be obliged to conduct the personal information management under the contract, which shall be the same as the standards specified by the company.

Marketing Activities

Regarding the Use of Cookies WILLER TRAVEL uses various Internet advertising services and may use customer cookies provided by third-party service providers.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a mechanism to save the history of communications between a web browser and server, details of the input thereof, and more as a file on the user’s computer when accessing web pages. When accessing the same page again, the administrator of the web page can use data from the cookie to customize the display for each particular customer. If the user’s browser settings permit the transmission of cookies, the website can retrieve the cookies from the user’s browser. In order to protect your privacy, your browser sends only cookies received and sent from that website’s server.

Cookie Settings

You can choose cookie settings including: ‘Allow all cookies,’ ‘Block all cookies,’ and ‘Notify user when cookies are received.’ The way the settings are configured depends on the browser. Check the Help menu on your browser for information on how to configure cookies. (You can opt out of cookies from Google by accessing the following link: https://www.google.co.jp/policies/privacy/ads/ If you choose to block all cookies, please be aware that you may face limitations when using web services, such as losing access to services necessary for authentication.

WILLER TRAVEL’s Use of Cookies

WILLER TRAVEL uses cookies to:

  1. Reference saved user registration data when customers log in to the authentication service and provide services customized to each individual customer.
  2. Display the most relevant advertisements on other sites based on customer interests and behavior on WILLER TRAVEL’s site.
  3. Survey the number of users and traffic on WILLER TRAVEL’s site.
  4. Improve WILLER TRAVEL’s services.
  5. Prompt users to re-enter their passwords from a security standpoint after a certain period of time has elapsed since last access. WILLER TRAVEL may also save and access cookies of its own through a third-party service provider pursuant to its delegation of advertising distribution to third-party service providers.

Regarding the use of Custom Audience

The company shall use the Custom Audience in order to request Facebook and Twitter (hereinafter referred to as "Facebook etc.") to display the advertisement customized for each customer based on the customer’s usage of this website, and to understand the use of such advertisement.

What is Custom Audience?

Custom Audience is a function that display the advertisement of the company on a customer’s website, but only where the information of the customer who registered the company is collated and matched with the information registered on Facebook etc. Facebook etc. will not acquire personal information of the customers through this Custom Audience.

Regarding the disclosure of personal information

In the case that a customer concerned, statutory representative, or agent desires to disclose the personal information, please request that by mailing designated document. When requesting by the customer concerned or statutory representative, be sure to enclose the document that enables to objectively confirm the identity of an individual, while, by the agent, be sure to enclose the powers of attorney. However, disclosure may be rejected in the following cases.

  1. Where it is likely to cause harm to the life, body, or property of the individual concerned or a third party
  2. Where it is likely to hinder the proper execution of the business operator who handles the personal information
In principle, the company will not disclose the personal information of the customer without the consent of the customer concerned. However, when the company is requested to do so based on a legitimate procedure prescribed by the law, or when it became necessary for the protection of the company’s rights and properties, the company may use minimum necessary information for such purposes.

Correction and suspension of use

In the case that it is necessary to correct the registration contents which was registered by customer, please log in "My Page" on this website to directly correct it by the customer concerned. In the case that the customer desires suspension of use of personal information, please log in "My Page" on this website and go through the cancellation procedure. Please note that the customer cannot use some or all services provided by the company after completion of the cancellation procedure.


When the customer used this website, such customer is deemed to have agreed to the company’s Privacy Policy. For various reasons, modifications, corrections, additions or deletions may be done partially to the above-mentioned Private Policy in this website. Whenever such case occurs, the company shall notify it in this website. Please note in advance that, when the customer keeps dealing with the company after the change of policy is posted, the customer is deemed to have reviewed and confirmed the contents of modification.

Affiliated companies of the company

The affiliated companies are listed below.

  • WILLER, Inc
  • WILLER Sompo Service, Inc.
    • Tokyo Head Office
    • Osaka Office
    • Tokyo Service Office
    • Sendai Service Office
    • Chiba Service Office
    • Niigata Service Office
    • Nagano Service Office
    • Nagoya Service Office
    • Osaka Service Office
    • Hiroshima Service Office
  • Nihon Highway Bus, Inc.
  • WILLER EXPRESS Kansai, Inc.
  • Hotel Hakuba
  • Other companies which cooperate financially with WILLER, Inc.

Business tie-up partners

Business tie-up partners are listed below.

  1. Atlas Travel
  2. Tourism Essentials Inc.
  3. Among the companies to which the company outsources its activities, those the company needs to provide with personal information

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Revised: 6/10/2015