IKEBUS is constantly ventilated.

Disinfect the seat surfaceDisinfect the seat surface
Disinfect the handrailDisinfect the handrail
Disinfect parts that drivers touch Disinfect parts that drivers touch
Disinfect the fare box (touch panel)Disinfect the fare box (touch panel)
Disinfect the buttons to get off Disinfect the buttons to get off
Thoroughly disinfect and clean the floor inside the busThoroughly disinfect and clean the floor inside the bus
Drivers wear face masksDrivers wear face masks
  • Alcohol sterilization will be applied to areas where customers can touch, such as handrails.
  • Drivers wear face masks so that customers can ride with peace of mind.
  • Check body temperature of all our drivers when making a roll call for the management of physical health conditions.
  • Drivers often wash their hands and gargle.

  • An alcohol-based hand sanitizer is installed at the bus exit.
    Please disinfect your hands before boarding.
  • Please wear a face mask inside the bus.
  • Please refrain from talking loudly in the bus.
  • Please be seated keeping a distance between passengers.
  • 2 routes
    in Ikebukuro city

    IKEBUS connects the city of Ikebukuro vertically and horizontally by 2 of A and B routes. The cute red bus that goes around the bustling spots in Ikebukuro. That’s IKEBUS.

  • Human friendly
    Eco friendly

    IKEBUS is equipped with an electric lift at the rear of the vehicle for people using wheelchairs. In addition, since it is an electric bus, it does not emit exhaust gas. IKEBUS is friendly to the global environment.

  • Run slowly
    in Ikebukuro city

    The maximum speed of IKEBUS is 19km / h. What passes outside the window is the relaxing cityscape of Ikebukuro. Looking from IKEBUS, there may be a new discovery that has never been found before. 


Specification of IKEBUS

Passenger capacity 
22 passengers
Overall width 
Overall length
Overall height
Don Design Associates / Eiji Mitooka
Vehicle production
Thinktogether Co., Ltd.

Designer profile


Eiji Mitooka

Born in Okayama Prefecture in 1947. He designed many vehicles such as the Kyoto Tango Railway "KURO-MATSU / AKA-MATSU / AO-MATSU / Tango no Umi" trains and the JR Kyushu Shinkansen / Limited Express train "Seven Stars in Kyushu. Won many awards including the Brunel Award, the Mainichi Design Award, and the Kikuchi Hiroshi Award.


  • 1 time ticket

    Children / Elderly / Disabled
  • 1 day ticket

    Children / Elderly / Disabled
  • ● Please pay the fare at the time of boarding. 
  • ● Available banknotes are only 1,000 yen bills.
To customers using wheelchairs and strollersOur drivers are happy to help you anytime. Please feel free to let us know.
Wheelchair lifts are installed at the rear of all IKEBUS. You can get on the bus dirctly from the sidewalk at ease. The wheelchair can be fixed with the bar installed at the end of the bus while in the bus.
IKEBUSの車両外観3 車いす乗降車機材

Inquiries about chartered bus

About chartered service

Operation route




Weekdays (from January 18)

  • IKEBUS A Route Timetable

    IKEBUS 平日Aルート時刻表 20分間隔進行
  • IKEBUS B Time table

    IKEBUS 平日Bルート時刻表 20分間隔進行

Weekends and holidays (from January 18)

  • IKEBUS A Route Timetable

    IKEBUS 土休日Aルート時刻表 20分間隔進行
  • IKEBUS B Time table

    IKEBUS 土休日Bルート時刻表 20分間隔進行

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